God watched the conflagration.rtf I was invited.rtf London, burning.rtf a canary flitters past.rtf after affects.jpg after the fall.rtf all my yesterdays were gone.rtf barrier.mov communication.jpg consider.mov drawn.mov earth, piled.rtf echo.mov everything must converge.rtf fingerprints.jpg folds inside itself.rtf followed.mov garlanded in rust.rtf go to hell.mov half a name.rtf her eyes opened.rtfd if I was the only girl in the world.rtf it cannot be stopped.rtf language is a trap.rtf lies.mov marked.mov memorials.mov my face.rtf out of time.mov reflections.jpg return.rtf she named the moons.rtf sunless.mov the future is already made.mov the light.rtf the past is not another country.rtf the sand is glass.rtf the stone, the sea.rtf the third event.rtf the third is larger.rtf the wrong girl.rtf then they fall.rtf there are rules.rtf there is a beach.rtf three.mov tiny, yellowed.rtf transference.mov trapped.mov turn again toward the lake.rtf underlap.mov unfolds.mov unseen, followed.mov watch again.rtf we should have stayed together.rtf winds have growled.rtf Four Prints 1 Four Prints 1 Four Prints 1