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More from the book. Actually, from a paper that draws on chapter one, and will probably sit somewhere across three chapters:
For the last decade, Duncan Speakman has been developing a form for immersive narrative he calls the subtlemob – films without cameras, alternate worlds and poetic layers in the everyday. The antithesis of a flashmob, Speakman’s work [...]


Or, some ideas, some declarations and another bloody experiment:
I started to post some ideas in progress a week or so ago, tagged them on a tumblr blog and on twitter – some images, some text; just me trying to get the feel of the thing. Trying out the shape of it, how it sounded and [...]

We call upon the author to explain

Thoughts on size, and whether it matters.
I’m gong to cheat here, ever so slightly, and not necessarily address comments as they come in. Instead, as there’s an order to these short entries (insofar as they’re written out as titles and notes in a file here) I’m going to address points from comments as they come [...]

10 things I decided last night with a glass of wine

I foolishly promised to give a short talk to the 1st year students today, the suggested title of which was:
“Ten things every Interactive Narrative Designer should remember”
Here it is, with short notes. I think, on the whole, that it works. It even has a conclusion, which is more than I expected it to.
1. Readers expect [...]