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On the correct shelf, in the correct room…

The last time I wrote here, I was bemoaning the failure of the British Library (via our dear, beloved Government) to achieve anything meaningful with regard to the archival of digital texts. Even the preservation of such seemed to be beyond them.
To clarify and narrow down, though – I’m not terribly interested in the retention [...]

While working on second drafts

I really ought to put essays up on this site as they’re being written and rewritten. Actually, that’s the proposed function of another site I’m involved in, but more on that in the New Year.
For now, here’s a paragraph from the end of the revised paper. William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition as an example of ARG/Non-ARG [...]

Things for a Friday morning:

A number of things.
First of all, I have been warning the world about this for several months (feels like years), but finally the mass media have caught up to the impending threat of total and utter annihilation. Actually, it’s about time I stopped being silly about this. While there is a justifiable danger raised by [...]