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this one’s for @DrR_Ed

The question was:
“Can anyone recommend academics that use social media well? And might tempt others to do so? (such as @tomabba)”
I asked: “@DrR_Ed in your field, or generally?”
And it was duly contextualised with:
“@tomabba Generally – just making a point that academics don’t need to shudder at the mention of twitter or blogging”
So. Here goes.
We should [...]

Digging for metaphors and similes

Right. What’s going on?
Despite my being reminded to change my profile photo on Twitter and Facebook as it shows me with something in my hand that isn’t there any more?
Books. Digital books and the impact of one technological form upon another. Media ecologies and transmedia storytelling. Ripples in the ecological ether. Little moments of delight [...]