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transmediality and other words I just make up as I go along and does anyone read these tags anyway?

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Hypotextual form, and taking issue

Not that I’m wary of the big hitters, but when I take issue with someone, I’d rather it not be David Bordwell (Bordwell is to co-author of Film Art, which quite rightly is recommended to every first year student we see). I feel like I’m daubing my name on a statue of Churchill.
Still, if the [...]

ten minutes from me on new media – what a novelty…

Mister Nick Harkaway, despite not having a shiny new website yet, is considering buying an e-book reader.
Actually, in one of those, ‘isn’t converged media-space wonderful‘ moments, Nick’s Facebook and Twitter feeds both told me that a day ago, which I regard as useful information, rather than a repeat of what’s to come, as it means [...]