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Film, Text and Cut-Ups

Here’s a thing. After spending four days (and most of four nights) shooting digital video sequences that were integral to understanding aspects of the story (you need to see Daniel move and talk, for example, or the nature of who he is, which is never really addressed in the text, is completely missing), editing them [...]

Form, Content and Shape

It’s a quarter past six in the morning, and I have a cup of strong coffee. As that’s how a good deal of this project was written, it seemed appropriate to start thinking about the overall shape and structure that way too. I’ve discussed the form and content connection at some length, although I suppose [...]

A Novel Experiment, and a Tube Mystery

It’s been a while since I used this blog regularly, which has been entirely due to Secret Project #1, which officially finished last night at the Wellcome Trust in London. I’m still a little wiped from the last few days and the drive back, and my head is buzzing with ideas and possibilities. I’m going [...]