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Or, some ideas, some declarations and another bloody experiment:
I started to post some ideas in progress a week or so ago, tagged them on a tumblr blog and on twitter – some images, some text; just me trying to get the feel of the thing. Trying out the shape of it, how it sounded and [...]

Writing backwards, and upside-down

A novel is not a novel when it’s published online, for free and in bits. I’m not being pejorative here, but it isn’t. It’s a new thing. It might behave like a novel, and even be conceived as one, but there are some grammars of writing that, in my experience (see, I have experience now), [...]

A short reply to Bill Thompson

Bill’s piece here.
Dear Bill.
I’ll cut to the chase, in the interests of brevity and clarity. I think there’s something missing from your piece on the future of the book (this morning’s BBC Online piece), and I think that something is rather significant. You address the tension between the desire of technologists to advance our cultural [...]