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A Monolothic Wrongness

I’m guilty of many things, not the least of which is a tendency to rush to judgement, although I do tend to think things through before I express that judgement in public.
Which brings me to PD Smith’s City.

A piece of design, from Bloomsbury, that is as near perfect in print as I’ve seen for some time. From [...]

Notes from the coffee shop by the front line.

First day back from the London Book Fair, and here are some thoughts. They’re not organised, and not considered, but they are thoughts:
It’s encouraging to see the surge in interest in digital books, ebooks and even the inevitable cooing over the iPad, but what’s less convincing is the snake oil salesmen hawking their XML conversion [...]

A short reply to Bill Thompson

Bill’s piece here.
Dear Bill.
I’ll cut to the chase, in the interests of brevity and clarity. I think there’s something missing from your piece on the future of the book (this morning’s BBC Online piece), and I think that something is rather significant. You address the tension between the desire of technologists to advance our cultural [...]