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Why are you reading this? Go outside and do something useful instead.

Today, the letters page. Young Simon Gurr writes:
“Hi Tom,
just a quick one, I had to point out this Daily Mail priceless gaffe to you.
From the website today, ‘Start collecting our new British Classics DVDs now’, http://tinyurl.com/8n9sln:
“With this fabulous collection of classic adaptations of all time greats, you are sure to find a drama THE WHOLE [...]

They Won. It Sucks.

I spent a good proportion of Thursday afternoon assessing the impact of something Andrew Keen called ‘digital Darwinism’ – the phenomenon that in the networked age, the voice that shouts loudest is the one that gets heard, no matter how irrelevant the content might be. Keen addresses this to bloggers, suggesting (usually rightfully – for [...]