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Why webcomics don’t work. Yet

Well. It’s been a few weeks. Or a week or three and a couple of days. if you read the Mail, then we’ve all been waiting for the BBQ summer, and have been bitterly disappointed by the non-emergence of the sunshine. Or, if you’re a normal human being, its been an English summer and it’s [...]

Scott McCloud and Media Specific Texts

I’ve been playing with the layout a little. Well, not so much playing as fixing some things that, like the dripping tap in the bathroom, lurked in the corner and were largely forgotten about until some moment of serendipity arose and attended to them (the tap in the bathroom was actually fixed by magic, but [...]

Things for a Friday morning:

A number of things.
First of all, I have been warning the world about this for several months (feels like years), but finally the mass media have caught up to the impending threat of total and utter annihilation. Actually, it’s about time I stopped being silly about this. While there is a justifiable danger raised by [...]