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Word of the week is:

Archiviolithic, which is a word to use in conversation more often.
Or: Why do we archive in the first instance?
It’s about removing the ability to forget – reframing the argument (much of the discussion online following the announcement of the British Library’s archive has been about the specifics of the archive, not what it is for. [...]

Who died and made me God?

I need a bigger desk.
Don’t tell MrsT, for goodness’ sake, but this simply isn’t cutting it – unless it’s that it’s too cluttered, and what I need to do is to decamp somewhere like the Pervasive Media Studio for a day or so a week. Regardless, it’s like writing at the edge of a table.
There’s [...]

Archival things

The Guardian reports that the British Library has failed to archive any of the last six years published digital content. Not a vast surprise that the creation of a digital archive is a thorny issue, and needs legislating in order to get it right (although recent forays into new media legislation suggest that this too, [...]