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The Book

The sound of my voice. And his.

I hate the sound of my own voice.

Actually, I’m not sure I completely do anymore, but I really used to.

My mother wanted to me to speak properly (she wanted me to sing too, but that’s never going to happen) and so I had lessons in speaking when I was little. Or I only think I did and I might have imagined all of that.

Anyway. If you want to hear my voice for an hour, and Baldur’s, and the sound of my kitchen table being banged every so often then there’s a podcast to accompany This is Not a Book (iTunes here, website here).

We thought this was a good idea. Writing this book has been a long process of trying to get words down on paper, interrupted by drinking beer and coffee and eating and talking about what this book is about. Every few weeks or so. That iterative process of talking about a thing has been essential to us understanding how we’re wrong in interesting ways, and smoothing out where we differ.

So, we thought we’d try to revisit that process and share it. The book has been written in public, and we both felt that the discussion should be public too. It’s an hour long, and it’s the first of many (hence getting it on iTunes for your listening convenience).

We get better as we go along, and we namecheck a few people. If you think we’re wrong, or right, or interesting, then tell us. Especially if you think we’re wrong.

(I’m listening to the first podcast while I’m typing this and it’s a strange, uncanny experience. Probably more for me than you)


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