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Just for you

We’re reissuing Short Films For You. This is the piece of work (several pieces in one, actually) that gave rise to the principles that made These Pages Fall Like Ash work. Digital content and physical books interdependently telling stories – stories with you at the heart of them.

Short Films had a limited release – Duncan made half a dozen wooden boxes that went to galleries across the world – each of which held onto them rather than passing them on as was intended. So, two years on, no-one really got to see the work. I listen to Six Shots – the audio/observation/participation story we wrote that kicks the set off – every now and again and I’m still in love with it.

We have a box design, we have a book and a set of audio files, and the only thing that isn’t finished and ready to manufacture is the dust jacket. Back in 2012, a long review was written for the whole work, and that’s my starting point for the jacket. Something new from something old. Especially these two sentences:

Disorientation. Sound and image run parallel. One completes the other. They have a meaning. Someone has staged this, for me.’
and I give it to her: “these film shorts are yours”, I tell her. Someone has thought this up, someone has made this, just for you.

So, a dust jacket that is just for you. All of you. But just you.


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