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Or, some ideas, some declarations and another bloody experiment:

I started to post some ideas in progress a week or so ago, tagged them on a tumblr blog and on twitter – some images, some text; just me trying to get the feel of the thing. Trying out the shape of it, how it sounded and how it might develop. That was then, and this is the start of the new year. I put a novel out in 2011, and learned a lot about what form means to content, and how the two interact as media change (and was delighted to hear Mark Kermode make my points about form and content in film for me a week ago) and how to, and how not to, bring an audience inside the text.

I put a few images up over the holiday, and some words, wrote some things that didn’t make it up online and took more photos than I used, and thought about what it felt like for a few days. And someone (thanks Julian) said they missed them when I stopped doing them.

So – here goes then:

One post a day (or as frequently as I can manage – the proviso is that I get to 365 by the end of 2012); image, text and something else. (Two characters. One’s a survivor, the other’s a victim.) Links from twitter and into a tumblr. Gathered here somehow (I’ll figure that bit out later on).

A continuing obsession with the form of a thing. With what form does to story, how story can be shaped within a simple set of rules. What those rules might do to the eventual shape of the story being told. Who, tells it, and how it is told. I suspect that the regular updates are going to force a shape, that the immediacy of writing day to day is going to rein in some of the extravagances I was guilty of last time out. It has to be a story too. Things have to happen, to be shaped and told.

A very public first draft.

An evolution of the notion of profundicity. The same techniques, the same site, but a different take on things. Those things still remain, but are reduced in significance.

Also, and this is a going forward thing but navigation is going to be important. Tags, and categories. Searchable stories. I’m bearing this in mind as the writing progresses. It’s possible that the searchable version isn’t written in the first draft, but exists somewhere from now, somewhere that looks much more Tinderboxy, for example (it has been suggested at least twice in the last 12 months, and therefore I’m paying attention).

It’s going to be about cities, as that’s the topic circling around my head this year. Cities, and story.

And, to work.


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