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If I ever attempted another PhD..

It would be on a variation of this subject:

With many thanks to Tim Wright.


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  1. How depressing is it to know that honour killings were an established genre in English literature?

    The stuff spoken about in the first 20 minutes of the video by the first speaker is little more than pseudoscience supported by guesswork: it’s risky to infer essentialism, evolution or structure from what is, fundamentally, a random process.

    The second guy’s ‘why’ on the Titanic story’s popularity and longevity is little more than speculative nonsense.

    Re: the third talker. Most modern versions of Sherlock (Brett’s, Moffat’s, Robert Downey Jr.) do away with the symbolic trappings and return to the character in various ways rather than motifs. The Perry Mason story leaves out that Raymond Burr did Ironside (arguably just as iconic) after Mason. The third talk is just a bunch of non-sequiturs, really, no structure or argument holding it together.

    And the questioner asking at the end about the drive behind honour killings is asking the wrong people.

    (The answer, btw, is usually shame.)

    And September 11 as replacing the gap left by Titanic? Bah, no. New Orleans all the way, hits all the same notes on hubris, class, politics and society.

    All in all, pseudoscience matched with overactive pattern matching.

    Anyway, I don’t know… what did you see in this that I didn’t spot?

    Posted by Baldur Bjarnason | October 28, 2010, 5:23 pm

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