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ECRG Project


Today is the opening day of the project that I’ve been itching to start for the best part of six months. Six months that are going to be occupied with large-ish amounts of the following:

  • Digital storytelling,
  • Archival strategies and realities (especially the realities, which are going to end up taking more of my time than anything else on this run, I suspect),
  • The nature of story in the digital age (and, while we’re here and in parentheses, the responsibilities of story in the digital age) and what that means for writers and readers,
  • Exploring the inter-relationships  between Higher Education Institutions and other parts of the public sector in the UK and Europe,
  • Distribution, platforms and media specific story construction,
  • Networks, future bids and european funding,
  • Curation and who gets to decide that something is worth curating in the first place, and
  • Cryptoforensic analysis.

(ok – I threw that one in for the sake of it. But it’s not ‘completely’ untrue)

This might see me return to semi-regular blogging here (it’s the plan, but lets never say for sure until I find myself writing). The project is three days of my time a week, so there’s plenty of time to think and act on it. And I get to talk to writers and explore some futures for storytelling, which is by far one of the most interesting aspects of the whole shebang.

Right – this is being written in Journler, so it’s getting copied, pasted, and thrown online. And I’m going to get back to having far too much fun.


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