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Monday thoughts

I cannot help but think that Iain Sinclair is spending this week trying not to write an extra chapter for the paperback edition of Hackney, That Rose-Red Empire.

Robin Whitehead, who was found dead in a Doherty-infested flat in Hackney, might on the one hand be the latest victim of the creeping menace that is the man who is so-not-Jagger, but in a way this she is also a player in a Sinclair piece writ large. As has been lightly reported in the press (with an expected dose of ‘liberal lifestyle’ damnation), Whitehead was the daughter of Peter Whitehead, the filmmaker and flagrant self-mytholgiser profiled in Sinclair and Chris Petit’s ‘The Falconer‘. The same Peter Whitehead whose reception of the completed film veered from ‘masterpiece‘ ┬áto ‘deliberately calculated betrayal‘, and now whose daughter (and without him and his career, is it fair to ask whether she would have found her way there?) has walked permanently offstage from the ongoing farce that is Peter Doherty’s life.

In Hackney.

The space Sinclair provides an apposite monument to in his last book. Pluralist, provocative, polyglot and now another footnote in the narrative of place.


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