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Oh, for goodness sake, enough already

Zack Snyder defends Watchmen. And misses the point, once again. Critics didn’t hate it because it didn’t have Brad Pitt in it, and a good many of them had read, and were very familiar with the source material. Just to make matters worse, though, the Guardian spectacularly misses it’s own point when it falls over itself to placate the director.

One area in which the film version surpasses the occasionally twee source material is in its all out action sequences, which are unrelentingly mucky and mesmeric, but surprisingly classy in their realisation.

Murky, mesmeric, and classy, while being all-out-action (and a frame-perfect copy of the original material)? Or, put another way, Michael Bay-esque action-pornography? Sorry, but that whole issue misses the point of adaptation. I don’t think Watchmen is a terrible film (I haven’t seen it – so won’t comment on quality) but I do think that read as a graphic work it’s unfilmable, and that the Frank Miller / Robert Rodriguez “get every frame on the screen” approach is fundamentally flawed.

Yeah, I’m back. My head is clearing now, and my desk might have some space on it.


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