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Posted By tom On April 20, 2009 @ 3:42 pm In New Media | 1 Comment


No, that’s about all I have usefully to say today. I’ve just submitted the validation documents for a new Masters programme in media (without a colon, I might add, but I’m sanguine about the whole affair) and am trying to make some sense of my desk before the next thing starts.

Which was a fine plan, until said next thing decided to start this afternoon, which left me absolutely no time to think, or pan, or even react properly.

Hang on. Let me recap. That didn’t make a great deal of sense.

This morning I was definitely thinking about applying for research funding. Something big, lasting about a year or so, and involving several research partners or organisations. Then this afternoon I thought some more about it, and made some notes. One of which was the name of a potential collaborator. Someone to discuss ideas with and to bounce the scale and scope of the project off.

I arranged to meet with the Faculty’s (former) funding advisor to frame up what can be included and what can’t be funded by various means, and my brain sits happily on this, mulling it over with tea.

Then Duncan Speakman [1] tweets about a new book – Emotional Cartography. Duncan, for those of you who don’t know him, is a media artist specialising in pervasive media and sound. Actually, that’s a rubbish description. [2] Here’s Duncan’s from his website:

My work explores how we use sound to navigate geographical, personal and political environments, creating experiences that physically and emotionally engage audiences in public spaces.

There. Better.

So, there I was. And I followed [3] the link, and browsed what followed, and I downloaded the book in question, and wham. Psychogeographers. There. On the main page. Which links the thought from this morning to the potential for the research bid, and locks them together and oh damn I’m going to have to read the whole book now.

See. It must be much easier when you don’t think like this.

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