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Thoughts before the week ends

Thought for the day: All people in positions of authority are mildly paranoid.

Go on, discuss.

I mean, seriously, when was the last time any of you reading this had an idea that was taken up by their superiors without being co-opted in a distinctly paranoia-geared manner? Or responded to something in a ‘well, you’re gong to ask me to do that anyway next week, so I might as well get on with it now’ manner Appropriation is such a given in the workplace, to the point that friends and colleagues report it on a regular basis without expressing surprise.

I only mention this as it’s just happened to me for the first time in ages. Distinctly odd little sensation, and one that largely resulted in a ‘meh’.

Anyway, elsewhere, myself and the lovely futureMrsT have been professionally photographed (as opposed to being snapped by amateurs) this week. Much was made of my ability to scowl. I occasionally smiled too, but not so as you’d notice.

Lovely interview with Helen DeWitt at if:book. I’m 62 pages into Your Name Here so far, and although I’m not going to make any predictions, my head is coming round to the possibilities of this book occupying the post-structural machine-textual void left when Mark Danielewski wisely write something different after House of Leaves (which is, I ought to point out, a good thing in both instances. The void needs filling, and Danielewski had to write something different). Allusions to Easton Ellis are too early to make. Review here

And in a little under six weeks, I shall be replacing my Mac. With another Mac (yes, I’ll be doing something else a week or so later, but that’s a given and takes lots of planning and is fun – this is a pleasant surprise and wasn’t expected and end-of-tax-year-related).

Nick Harkaway captures a Facebook meme here. I’m going for No. 15 being made-up. No way were his parents that harsh. I might respond with a list, but I’m not sure I want you lot knowing that much about me.

And there we go. It’s the weekend. Go and enjoy yourselves. Unless you were just awarded the Newbery Medal for Children’s Literature, in which case go and be interviewed and work out what way up the world is.

oh – and Darwin: A Graphic Biography is out tomorrow (good use of a colon to indicate a discontinuous grammatical construct there, young Gurr) so bag a copy before they all disappear.


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