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Posted By tom On January 14, 2009 @ 6:17 pm In 52 weeks, 52 things | 1 Comment

Updates and reboots. Not a number, but a free man.

It’s probably pertinent, in my mind at least, that [1] Wired is covering the remake of The Prisoner. While working my way through the original series for a paper I may write later this year, I’ve also managed to watch fifteen minutes of season 7 of 24. What’s struck me most of all is that this, like the update of The Prisoner is 24 rebooted. The Obama presidency hasn’t changed things (Jack has been obtaining information from suspects in a morally questionable manner well before it became unfashionable), rather the mood of the series has changed. After the last season, things have calmed down a little (no nukes so far, and thankfully the cougars are still long gone) and the onset of the first episode is Jack Bauer before a hearing. Accusations of torture abound. This is indicative of a series that is aware of itself, and responds accordingly.

And into all this, a [2] remake of The Prisoner is about to be aired (actually, I’ve no idea when it’ll be aired). Co-produced by ITV and AMC, it updates the series to a Namibian location, and casts Jim Caviezel and Ian McKellen.

OK. Advert over. What might be interesting about the remake is that it is suggested that the contemporary geopolitical situation will be employed as the framework for the Village’s scenario. The McGoohan original undoubtedly played with Cold War anxieties, to the point that a reading of the series final episode ‘Fall Out’ as a singular response to the tensions of the time, almost holds water.

Shit. [3] McGoohan’s dead. Sorry, I’ve been writing this on and off all day (in between doing some work) and the BBC’s RSS feed just dropped that into my electronic lap. Media Ecologies, indeed.

Okay. I’m posting this and returning to it tomorrow.


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