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Why are you reading this? Go outside and do something useful instead.

Today, the letters page. Young Simon Gurr writes:

Hi Tom,

just a quick one, I had to point out this Daily Mail priceless gaffe to you.

From the website today, ‘Start collecting our new British Classics DVDs now’, http://tinyurl.com/8n9sln:

“With this fabulous collection of classic adaptations of all time greats, you are sure to find a drama THE WHOLE FAMILY WILL ENJOY.

Our latest collection, includes Cranford, Great Expectations, FANNY HILL and Jane Eyre to name just a few. “

My capitals for emphasis. Could this be a more libertarian side of the DM coming through?

Many thanks for the letter Simon, and yes, I think it is. The Mail has long expressed a desire to promote the seamier side of English culture (they can’t get enough of it in the paper), but has never has the opportunity until now. Evidently, their alliance with British Classics DVD (outlets in Weymouth, Scunthorpe and Basildon) has afforded them the prime internet real-estate necessary to subvert the ladies of England into a life of debauchery and prostitution. I look forward to more of this from the Mail, and encourage you to look out for it. Go on, spend some quality time with your local paper.

And tomorrow. The Gallery.


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