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Digging for metaphors and similes

Right. What’s going on?

Despite my being reminded to change my profile photo on Twitter and Facebook as it shows me with something in my hand that isn’t there any more?

Books. Digital books and the impact of one technological form upon another. Media ecologies and transmedia storytelling. Ripples in the ecological ether. Little moments of delight when it becomes apparent that someone other than me has read N Katherine Hayles (believe me, that’s a rare moment. It sometimes seems that no-one, not no-one has read Hayles. I wonder how she manages).

So, yes, Book things. Book with a capital B. Have spent the day reading interviews with authors and critical piece in that ’stalking the enemy’ manner that happens around this time. One quote:

I’ve always wanted to create scenes and scenarios that verge on the edge of specificity without crossing into identification.

Oh, have another:

The translations of a myth are the myth.

Ah, far too much fun.

Meanwhile, and this is because I’m actually trying to do fifteen things at once, am watching/listening Steven Johnson being interviewed by David Frost. The interview set-up via Twitter, apparently. That’ll be an ecological ripple. More of them later…


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