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Deer leaping into a housecoat

It has now been umpteen days since I smoked my last cigarette. Honestly, I really can’t be bothered to work it out.

I have, in that time, been eating lots of fruit. And drinking a lot of water. These things are apparently designed to help flush the nicotine out of my system. I haven’t coughed up anything nasty yet (that’s supposed to happen soon), nor have I hallucinated black bears (that’s not supposed to happen).

I have had odd dreams though. Really odd dreams.

I offer the following from the other night. I’ve put it back together, and tried to describe what I was thinking (in the dream). Anyone care to explain this?

A child that disappears, and then returns. This happens each generation. The son is now grownup, and insane and reports that his baby has vanished. Both parents look at each other. They know what is happening, and what it means.

Flashback to 1975. A man lies on the floor, covered in plaster dust, the drywall between his house and the next partially exposed. A child is missing. The camera pans across the floor, and the child has returned. It was definitely not there in the frame just preceding.

A mother who removes parts of her face. Fragments of chin, of hair and gristle and bone. She is something else. A void. And she sees the viewer, stares back out of the frame.

A parent who hosts animals inside their skin. Deer leaping into blackness inside a housecoat.

I’m obviously disturbed. Who knew?


2 comments for “Deer leaping into a housecoat”

  1. Whoooah freaky sh*t man

    Posted by Andy | November 13, 2008, 2:38 pm
  2. Donkey heard many Faerie stories about children being taken to Faerie realm, and sometimes returned, quite suddenly. Passage of time different for abductee than those left behind. Some abductees return mad or permanently altered psychologically. Faerie abduction often follow generation to generation. Donkey recommend ‘Passport to Magonia’ by Jacques Vallee.

    Posted by The Dissertation Donkey | November 14, 2008, 11:09 am

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