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Being unwell

This has been an odd sort of week. I don’t get ill, generally. And when I do, I’m a really lousy patient. On Monday morning, while sat at work, I felt as if a 200lb gorilla had been using me for wrestling practice. given that this is 2008, I changed my status on facebook:

Tom really doesn’t feel well. e-sympathy gratefully recieved…” 11:27am

And was greeted with the following:

Graham Petch at 11:32am October 13
pull yourself together man! stiff upper lip etc.

Keith Jackson at 11:57am October 13
Aren’t you Dr. Abba now? Can’t you prescribe yourself something? Unless of course you’re not a*real* doctor.

Tom Abba at 12:11pm October 13
My Doctorage is apparently of little defence. Damn it.

Stephanie Blanchard at 7:51pm October 13
…and you can’t spell received either! Get a grip man!”

And a wall post:

Andrew Crist wrote at 8:24pm
Man up

So, realising I wasn’t going to be receiving grapes and chicken soup, I followed that with:

Tom Abba is thinking this sympathy business is overrated.

And that engendered no responses whatsoever. Not even a question from Ms Blanchard as to the spelling of overrated.

Three days later and no grapes or soup having been received, I’m back at work. Twitter has recorded the following updates:

brain has turned to mashed potato. Pass the salt please.

simongurr @tomabba How do you find Twhirl? Assuming it’s not responsible for the potatofication of your brain I might give it a try.

@simongurr Twhirl not at all bad. Although as it opens with the iMac and I leave it on the desktop, I haven’t looked for alternatives.

simongurr @tomabba Thanks. So many to choose from… BTW did you see J. Ives on stage with Jobs the other day? Carved from solid aluminium, that man.

@simongurr I didn’t – I think I was pretending to work while people discussed wedding plans in the kitchen. But managed to miss the keynote.

And here we are. An odd week, and it’ll probably get odder. I can feel it in my bones.


One comment for “Being unwell”

  1. I had a cold at the beginning of the week too. Had I known, you probably would have had a little sympathy from me (if only because misery loves company and because I would have expected some sympathy in return.)

    Still: no excuse for “recieved” (sic.) “Overrated” is I believe now accepted (but I’ll check.)

    Posted by martin dupras | October 17, 2008, 11:45 am

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