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7 days is a long time in academia

A much better week this time around. Must be something to do with students actually being here, and therefore everyone has to get on with the job rather than worrying around like headless chickens worrying about how to do it. Whatever the reason though, this week has been wonderful. I’ve:

Talked for two and a half hours about interactive narrative. Without notes.

Talked for a further two hours about Dziga Vertov. Twice. Once with Lev Manovich’s short visual essay from Language of New Media, and once without.

Written press information for a forthcoming conference, and got mildly excited at the possibility of using the BBC’s contacts database to get keytone speakers. More when I can reveal things.

Read the outline for an Alternate Reality Game that is, to put it mildly, the most original treatment for the form I’ve seen for several years.

Played with an iPhone. Tried to get it to talk to the university’s wireless network (with little success) and then made my iMac run a private network for it (with rather more success).

Drafted the remaining quarter of an essay for the Journal of Science Fiction Film and TV. Then redrafted it. And again.

Resisted the temptation to shoot next door’s cat. He’s no Bob.

Read the news that Peter Mandelson is returning to Government with some surprise, and mild joy. The Tories have someone to squeal at, the Daily Mail with implode with indignation, and all will be well in merry olde England.

And I read this too:

What makes Bloomsbury Academic really intriguing, though, is what the publisher calls its “radically new model.” The imprint will make all its titles immediately available online, downloadable and free of charge, using Creative Commons licenses. It will also sell them as print-on-demand books.

“What I believe—and this is what we’re putting to the test—is that as you’re putting something online free of charge, you may lose a few sales, but you’ll gain other sales because more people will know about it,” said Frances Pinter, Bloomsbury Academic’s publisher.

Hmn.. And double hmnn.



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  1. Because you go through bursts of blogging and I just have the occasional mega-rant about wanting to fry bankers and Tories alive in vats of their own fetid piss!

    Posted by mongo | October 4, 2008, 11:10 am

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