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Scott McCloud and Media Specific Texts

I’ve been playing with the layout a little. Well, not so much playing as fixing some things that, like the dripping tap in the bathroom, lurked in the corner and were largely forgotten about until some moment of serendipity arose and attended to them (the tap in the bathroom was actually fixed by magic, but that’s another story).

So. You’ve now got a calendar, in case you didn’t know what day it is, a link to my twitter feed (because you’ve really got nothing better to do than read my twitter updates?), a list of archives by month (which reminds me that it’s just short of four weeks until this blog is four years old. Four years. You’d think I’d have found something more productive to do in that time), and my blogroll back.

I missed my blogroll. It was out of date by the time I reinstated it today, but I’ve tidied it up and put it back up there. I’ll add things to it too.

And Chris. Sorry, but the laws of causality prevent me doing that. You see, if I went back in time and took you to the zoo, then you (that’s you now) would have been to the zoo, and you wouldn’t be bitter, and that wouldn’t be right. If I did go back in time, then I’d have taken a version of you to the zoo, but not the version who wrote that comment, or else the comment couldn’t exist, and as it does, then that’d be a paradox and the universe would cease to exist.

The Scottish Presbyterian Minister remark I’ll address tomorrow. For now, a thought on the conflation of old and new media that is Scott McCloud’s introduction to Google Chrome. That’s an analogue media form being chosen as the most satisfactory method by which to explain a new media form. Makes perfect sense.

The understanding of media as art forms is achieved by translation of one medium into another

Marshall McLuhan’s corpse just sat up and cheered (unless he was cremated, in which case, nothing of the sort just happened).


One comment for “Scott McCloud and Media Specific Texts”

  1. I volunteer to behead the McLuhan zombie if it shows up.

    Off! Off with its head!

    Posted by Baldur Bjarnason | September 2, 2008, 4:03 pm

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