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A few weeks (I think, probably less) I wrote about indigenous peoples and their beliefs. I was flippant, without being dismissive, and thought about the subject for a few days before filing the theme to be retrieved at some later point.

Witchdoctors in Tanzania are killing albinos.

“They are being killed because local witchdoctors say their body parts provide the potent ingredient for magic charms, which many local people use to bring success in business and love.

The bodies are left limbless and sometimes with a huge hole in the neck, from where blood would have been drained.”

Richard Dawkins quotes H G Wells’ New Republic in The God Delusion:

The men of the New Republic … will have an ideal that will make the killing (of their inferiors) worth the while

The zeitgeist of belief doesn’t always move forward with a hop and a skip. Sometimes it lingers in the past, festering and polluting.


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