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Closing Tabs and Disappearing Unmentionables

You’ll all have seen this superlative example of photoshop work, but if not, then I’ll join the chorus of interweb people linking to it anyway. I mean, how did they think they’d get away with something as blatant as lying to the world’s press about the existence of a weapon of mass destruction?

Oh… yeah.

And evidence that the world gets stranger and stranger, or just stays the same and we didn’t notice it:

In 1975, while posted in Kaduna, in the north of Nigeria, Dr. Ilechukwu was sitting in his office when a policeman escorted in two men and asked for a medical assessment. One of the men had accused the other of making his penis disappear.

Indeed. Happens all the time.

I’m not researching this for any particular reason, but the article is actually really rather interesting. Anthropology and indigenous belief systems. For example:

It is something described well in Bruce Wexler’s book Brain and Culture: Neuroscience, Ideology and Social Change, in which Wexler argues that much of human conflict arises from our efforts to reconcile the world as we believe it to exist (our internal structures) with the world we live in. According to Wexler, we develop an inner world, a neuropsychological framework of values, cause and effect, expectations, and a general understanding of how things work. This inner world, which underpins our culture, forms through early adulthood, after which we strive to ensure it exists, or continues to exist, in the world outside.

No argument here. I’d guess this also translates in Western society as the phenomenon of time passing faster as you get older, and slower when you’re young. Despite time being a humanocentric construct in the first place.

29 years ago, Skylab fell out of the sky.

And I have been compared to Tricky this morning by an unnamed colleague. Not sure what part of the interview this is in reference to, but have replied with the following:

‘One of the things people say when they meet me is, ‘God, you’re not overbearing or dark. You seem like a nice guy,’” says Tricky, mimicking surprise. “I make jokes, I fuck around, I’m a kid. I spend 70% of my time laughing. I don’t walk around all dark. I might take my photos like that because I’m not a clown. But I’m a really soft, feminine, gentle, normal guy.”
- how kind of people to notice that about me.

the sprightly, loquacious 40-year-old bobbing around on a record company sofa
- well, obviously. But I’m not 40 yet.

His speech is several degrees higher, faster and more West Country than his throaty, viscous rapping voice, and peppered with words – villainry, bullyism – that are strange to the ear. Between mouthfuls of takeaway food, he stabs the air with his fork for emphasis.
- not so sure about that.

He’s thinking of moving out of Los Angeles soon. It’s making him complacent, and he needs new stimuli. “I like being disconnected,” he says, pitching forward, fork aloft. “I like being a stranger. When I’m in Bristol I’m from Bristol. But as a stranger you always get treated a little bit differently. You’re always on the outside. I like it on the outside. I’m comfortable with strangeness. That keeps me going.”
- I don’t live in LA, but I can sympathise with the feeling.

Back to work…


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  1. He should spend less time pondering notions of belonging and more time writing a decent album – something he hasn’t managed since 1996.

    Mister Zorg would like a word with you….

    Posted by mongo | July 11, 2008, 8:25 pm
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    Posted by Bookmarks about Skylab | August 14, 2008, 12:01 am

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