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Blogging comes in fits and starts these days. Not down to a lack of things to talk about, rather down to a lack of time to talk about them. Moving house does that for you, apparently. The last two weeks have been spent packing boxes (and therefore being unable to find notes to oneself to blog about things), retrieving vast quantities of boxes from storage and/or flats/basements/garages and then unpacking them at a new, shiny location. Shiny down to the herculean efforts of my better half, who didn’t stop until every speck of dirt was removed from skirting boards and surfaces (I unpacked more boxes and assembled furniture, in case you were wondering) such that they were capable of being eaten from.

So – things I have learned during this process (some of which may be moving related, some are just updates):

There is a gnat’s whisker of difference between a bespoke Schreiber kitchen and a Homebase kitchen. Said whisker sadly becomes somewhat larger when currency is applied.

Hedgehogs have a hitherto unnoticed (at least by Bill Oddie) taste for packing materials resembling giant cheesy wotsits.

Why didn’t anyone tell me about dishwashers before now?!?

Ikea stock controllers deliberately put extra shelf units in the wrong place to add to the fuel crisis by making me drive back to the store a day later.

Washing machines can be inserted into difficult spaces simply by attaching skis to them.

Sheds can be bought surprisingly inexpensively over the internet. As can turf.

Reviewers can be rather snippy when they have to marry ’son of a publishing scion’ with ‘genre fiction’. Or they just don’t get it. Actually, Steven Poole’s review is pretty positive, but it’s the exception thus far.

Authors are the new rock stars. Nobody tell Dave Sim. I think he did this one back in Cerebus 185.

Son of Large Hadron Collider! As if the one we’ve got isn’t big enough!

(Two of the last three items may be related)

Universities can be persuaded to buy me one of these. Yes. Research purposes. Research.

And that’s it for now. More tomorrow.


2 comments for “Updates…”

  1. You middle aged homeowner type you!! Next thing you’ll be worrying about flooring materials.

    Aah… the benefits of actually giving a shit about the place you live in.

    Posted by mongo | July 8, 2008, 8:49 pm
  2. Donkey has the benefit of shitting in the place Donkey live in.
    Donkey can’t help it.
    Donkey sorry.

    Posted by The Dissertation Donkey | July 9, 2008, 9:30 am

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