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I am now damned and doomed

Oh dear. I had a conversation this afternoon that I never thought I’d ever (have to) have.

IT Support (from behind beard): Afternoon Tom, what can I do for you?
Me: I need to, er, well.
ITS (fbb): Go on, out with it.
Me: I need a copy of er.
ITS (fbb): A copy of?
Me: Windows. There, I said it.
ITS (fbb): Windows you say, that’s no problem, no problem at all. What do you want that for, don’t you run a Mac?
Me: I want to get my head around MediaScape software, and well,
ITS (fbb): It only runs on Windows.
Me: Right. Yes. You can install a copy on a partitioned hard drive on an iMac?
ITS (smiling fbb): Certainly. You let me know where and when you want it installing, and I’ll be right there.
Me: Right. You won’t tell anyone about this, will you?
ITS (sfbb): No, guvnr. Not at all. (now smirking behind beard)
Me: I think I’d better blog this. That way my version gets out first.
ITS (fbb): (sniggers)

I am doomed. Windows. And Windows mobile.

Addendum, before I post this:

I just received the following by email:

We received a petition asking:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to award Alan Moore with an honour.“

Details of Petition:

“Alan Moore has led the world in the creation of high quality graphic novels. He has represented the UK in becoming the leading writer of graphic novels in the English language. He has dominated the industry, exporting British writing to the US and the world. Showing Britain to be leader in the field and spearheading a trend of British writers leading the US scene, including bestselling author Neil Gaiman and Mark Millar, author of the hugely influential Civil War. His creations Watchmen, V For Vendetta and Swamp Thing are heralded as some of the greatest works ever in the medium, for that reason I propose the British government recognise his achievements officially.“

Thank you for taking the trouble to sign this e-petition.

The Prime Minister recognises the achievements of Alan Moore and the widespread regard in which he is held.

This is highlighted by the hundreds of people who have signed the e-petition on the No 10 website calling for him to be honoured.

You may wish to know that the Cabinet Office is actively seeking nominations for honours from the public. Please go to http://www.honours.gov.uk/

Well. I can’t find the nomination for Grand Wizard of the British Isles, but it’s a start.


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  1. Use Parallels… keep Windoze inside a cage where it belongs. Nae native booting!

    Posted by mongo | June 16, 2008, 4:02 pm

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