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Catching Up

I’m sure I was doing something interesting, and blog-worthy, but I can’t recall what it was right at the moment. But, it might have been house purchase related, or birthday celebrations, or a Secret Project that I’ve forbidden myself from talking about. Or a book proposal, a slew of marking and second marking that has been like wading through treacle, or a funding application that I keep starting and not finishing. Or an album cover. Or a collection of Polish horror stories, a graphic novel collection, some seminal 1980s SF with a three hour ‘making of’ that’s illuminating and intriguing in equal measure. It might have been this pile of academic papers on House of Leaves that I keep carrying around with me while wishing for a pocket-sized portable pdf reader.

A quick aside. While writing that last bit, a large, multi-legged flittery thing with a proboscis big enough to suck blood from an elephant decided that it really, really, really had to come into the flat and flitter around a while until chased out with a rolled up copy of the New York Times supplement from today’s Observer. I have decided that I don’t like large multi-legged flittery things. Or spiders (a tale my brother will no doubt take great delight in recounting about a year from now). Or bees. Bees know this, and torment me.

Where was I? Ah, right. Why I haven’t been blogging. Some of my absence has to do with the Festival of Ideas blog. A wonderful idea, and a chance to expand on the points raised in the live sessions online. While the infrastructure needs some work (an issue that I’m assured will be addressed before next year’s Festival), what I don’t think will be as easy to fix is the behaviour of a couple of commenters. That one took to insulting the other was dismaying, but, I have to confess, hardly unexpected. I’m in favour of the maxim ‘DNFTT’ where this is concerned, but am not terribly surprised that others don’t share that restraint.

And so, on with the rest of the week. House-stuff, I’ve no doubt, but first, Stefan Sagmeister speaking in Cardiff tomorrow evening (much thanks to Pete for the invite), and then Guy Debord’s ‘Game of War‘ on Tuesday.


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