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Festival of Ideas

There should really be a picture of a horse here

Small update, just to say two things:

The Festival of Ideas debate pages are online (actually, they have been for a week now, but I didn’t get around to posting the link) here. Come and see who’s back (it’s like an episode of Lost. Not a good one, though).

And, the shortlist for the sculpture to rival the ‘Angel of the North’, but in the South provides laughs aplenty:

Turner Prize winner Mark Wallinger is among internationally-acclaimed artists shortlisted for the Ebbsfleet Landmark.

He is proposing a white horse, 33 times life-size, which would look out over the Ebbsfleet Valley and mark the new Ebbsfleet International station.

A horse. Now, I’m not a great fan of Antony Gormley’s work, but the Angel of the North got it exactly right. And it was lucky. And opportune. And it worked.

A horse. 33 times life-size. Which he hasn’t even worked out how to build without it falling over.

From the announcement of the (ahem) £10k development commissions:

Wallinger said the site was in an area with a rich history, dating back to the Bronze Age

“Its current position at the nexus of road and rail links to Europe emphasises its position as a gateway to London and England – a position it has enjoyed since the Romans built Watling Street.

“The challenge is to create something enduring that is a landmark for the transient passenger or motorist and a cherished part of the town.

“Chalk quarries, cement works and the remains of the paper industry now dot the landscape.

“There is a wealth of material and historical inspiration for an artist.

So. after four months of planning and drawing and sketching and researching, we get….

A horse. 33 times life size. Sometimes I really do wonder what goes through their heads.


One comment for “There should really be a picture of a horse here”

  1. Not horse. Donkey. 33 times life size! Equine magnificence of THE EBBSFLEET DONKEY!

    Posted by The Dissertation Donkey | May 13, 2008, 9:39 am

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