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The Book

Is that ten weeks, or seventy days?

More bookwork (is bookwork a word? Wonders briefly, and then decides that life is too short to work out whether or not I’m using the Queen’s English in a blog post) today, and an afternoon spent going through 2nd year Visual Culture essay proposals. Why they figure they can miss every single seminar session and then get away with writing a half-arsed proposal and not have me spot it is quite beyond me.

Not all of them are half-arsed, mind you. Some are quite good. I’ll spare you the usual run of quoting the bad ones out of some vague attempt at professionalism.

The book now has a first draft Chapter outline though, which makes me rather happy. And the end of the introduction breakdown is different, although it says much the same things:

Including a detailed analysis of the range of interactive narratives produced to date, the book argues that in order to create interactive narrative, the formalities of Aristotelean structuralism have to be cast aside, and a new toolkit created, one comprising radical new approaches to conceiving interactive authorship.

I reasoned that the phrase ‘radical new approaches’ wouldn’t hurt…

And in ten weeks time we may be in a very different place. All thanks to my fiancée turning out to be a far better poker player than I could ever hope for. After ten months, I will have a desk again, and books will come out of storage (obviously, there are far more important things about moving house, but this is a research blog, and so it seems relevant to mention books here).


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  1. Aaw… but I was using my whole ass!

    Posted by mongo | April 22, 2008, 12:33 pm

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