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Second, and better

Much, much better.

I must have missed the launch of 21 Steps, because the next one (Slice) is up and linked from Penguin’s site. It might not work (and time might well tell that it won’t) but the fact that it’s being written as a weblog (actually, as two weblogs and a series of Twitter updates) give me reason to be a little more optimistic about the form/content relationship this time around. It’s put together by Toby Litt, whose writing I haven’t read for a good few years, and while the tone of voice isn’t one that necessarily works immediately, it might (I’m saying this again) work a little better than 21 Steps.

There’s something familiar about the voice – whereas 21 Steps asked the reader to work out who the narrator was by his actions (the relationship between show and tell was the other thing that bothered me about that work: good fiction shows, and all 21 Steps could do¬† -by virtue of it not understanding the form in which it was being written – was tell) Slice has a whiny teenager writing the main blog. The comments are breaking the 4th wall at present, but that might fade as they clue up to the rules of the fiction and go discuss the meta-issues elsewhere.

Overall though, an improvement. Litt at least understands the nature and form of the confined space he’s chosen to write within, and has a working knowledge of the possibilities of simulation and representation (in a postmodern sense), which lends this a more assured air.


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