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I am trying to think of something interesting, but it’s Tuesday, and my brain is tired

There. Long blog title, just to see what it does to the new layout, although in terms of my brain, it’s true. There are four papers to read on my desk (Toward an Ecology of Gaming, How Interactive Can Fiction Be?, Seeing Double: Emulation in Theory and Practice and Timely Art: Hybridity in New Cinema) and I swear I will write something interesting tomorrow about at least one of them. Right now, my brain has shut down. I’ve been marking 3rd year essays all morning, and not even the wait-for-it-they-might-drop-something interest of seeing the scaffolding come down on the tower block next to my office is maintaining my attention.

So, here’s a timely illustration of the danger of videogames. From the Onion:

“WASHINGTON—Concerned parents are again blasting the Nintendo Wii for an incident of effeminate violence following a 13-year-old boy’s limp-wristed attack on three of his classmates at a Cleveland-area middle school Tuesday.

The incident—the sixth of its kind in as many months—has left parents searching for answers and struggling to comprehend the dainty assault, which left the necks of two sweaters severely stretched out and countless fingers stubbed.

“These games are a prissy little menace to our society,” said Linda Roberts, 35, a mother of three and founder of the group Parents Against Wii, which is suing Nintendo for $52 million in damages from two recent swattings. “One of these days, the red marks on our children’s arms might not just go away after five minutes.”"

“”The Nintendo company is knowingly exposing our children to disturbing acts of foppishness right in our living rooms,” said Roberts of PAW. “Even more frightening, the motion-sensing technology teaches them that the only way to resolve conflicts is to flail their arms in acts of fruity aggression.”"

Indeed. When will they learn. When will they learn?


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