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of Clockwork Men

Waterloo Bridge. London. November 1995.

A man has just fallen from the parapet of the bridge into the Thames below. His name is Matthew Ogilvy, and he has come to believe that there is something dreadfully wrong with his life, and the only way he can correct it is to die.

He might be right.

of Clockwork Men’ deals with the aftermath of Matthew’s death, tracing the events and circumstances that led him to his suicide – an investigation conducted by Daniel, an ethereal figure whose presence is in some way connected to Matthew’s death. We see the months that follow, observing how this event changes the lives of everyone around him, particularly Jo, whose place at the centre of things becomes disturbingly apparent. The story peels away its layers like onion skins, each discovery casting events in a new light. As Daniel gets closer to the truth, coming to understand who Jo really is, and how he fits into her life and Matthew’s suicide, everything he has learned will be called to account.


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  1. So, how do the rest of us mere mortals get to read ‘Of Clockwork Men’? Is there a link somewhere?

    Posted by Paul Coulthard | December 21, 2011, 10:36 am

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