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Nearly, nearly… no, that’s not it.

Kate Pullinger addresses the future (albeit through a veil of production and distribution costs) for book publishing in the Guardian:

As a digital writer (yes, it’s true, I am entirely composed of pixels now), my primary interest is in stories created for the new media, the “born-digital”, as opposed to adapting content intended for the book to new media platforms.

Television drama came of age when it developed a style that was distinct from cinema; digital downloads have entirely changed the shape of the music industry; the big moment for book lovers and storytellers is upon us. Are we up to the challenge that the new platforms give us?

But then, and I know I’m being picky here, she doesn’t develop that theme. The rest of the article, discussing how much publishers are making (or might make) from writers if digital downloads of books become more commonplace, is interesting enough, but Kate, Kate, Kate… the moment you offer the hint of ‘stories created for the born digital, as opposed to adapting content‘, then my ears are pricked up, and my attention is focused, and there’s hope that someone working in academia other than me might want to say something pertinent about writing for new media, rather than writing in it, which so many courses seem to be happy with. And, sadly, my attention is for nothing, it seems.

Ah well. Maybe one day. Or maybe I ought to write the damn piece myself.

(looks at the shelf next to him and moves ‘publish PhD’ one place further up the to-do list. It’s still behind ‘buy house’, but we’re getting somewhere)


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