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Earthquake Disables Functions in MS Word

First of all, I should point out that I am very fond of my hometown. And when I saw the news yesterday, I was worried for friends and family (especially seeing as one of the above may have injured themselves falling out of bed in the earthquake. Oh, how we laughed) and made sure everyone was alright before I checked the Grimsby Evening Telegraph website for on the spot reports, and reader ‘comments’.

The ‘quake doesn’t appear to have done any significant damage, except for disabling the spellcheck facility on everyone’s computer. Who’d have thought a seismic event could affect technology in such a fashion…?

hi yes i was wken up out of bed at one o clock in the morning,bed was shaking wth me n it, mcrowave n upin flames,had to come downstairs hot and sweaty,atced the news about the earthquake wita hot cup of tea and biscuits,it was so scary and couldnt get back o sleep again beforeollege this morning,m now so ired and back at home after a busy day from juliet

god it was great it shok my house for11 seconds while i laghed it was funny even ask my mates devin ryan dillin sam and garred

The Ghost in my house appeared more visible when the room shook.I could see the smile to tell me everything was going to be safe.Thank you “blue lady”

i was asleep all the way through a dint beleive me mam wen she told me she fot she was dreaming

WOW !! that is something i have never experinaced in my life it was so shocking, i was worried for my 3 young children i really thought i was dorethy from wizard ov oz. well my bed ant rocked like that for sometime

I was sat using the computer for nrop when the room suddenly started to violently shake. The rattling of glassware lasted approx 30 seconds. During the tremor I thought I’d have a go at se eing if I could stand and found it very difficult to stay upright. Ran outside and found a cat.

(names removed to protect those grammatically challenged and especially the simple of mind)


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  1. Don’t even get me started on the dismal state of the average citizen’s spelling abilities. Or rather lack thereof. it would be laughable if it wasn’t so utterly pathetic. The web has of course made the widespread nature of this “duuur disease” painfully evident, with total morons happily vomiting forth their worthless tabloid-fed “opinions” with glee on any and every website whilst demonstrating a grasp of the basics of the English language that would shame a brain damaged slug. I’m not sure if there’s a connection, but they also mostly seem to hold political views slightly to the right of Goebbels. Except they probably think that Goebbels are small furry creatures that live in hutches, the braindead fuckers.

    As someone who fields magazine submissions from the general public (anonymously, thank God), I weep for the future. It does nothing to relieve the old misanthropy. Just try reading the comments section on any Brooker piece. (Where you would assume at least a slender grasp of humour, language and wit would be found among the anonymous, friendless wonders). The ones who like him try and fail horribly to be as funny as him in their comments. The ones who don’t like him complain endlessly but seem not to understand that there is a reason why he writes regularly for a broadsheet and they sit at home, alone, whining bitterly and pointlessly into the ether whilst eating a microwave lasagne for one and dying of loneliness.

    Posted by mongo | February 28, 2008, 7:01 pm

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