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Voices part 2

This isn’t so much a post, as an expression of interest in whether or not a blog posting widget inside a web browser can do a decent job of adding content to a wordpress blog. And it gives me an opportunity to tell the world about my discovery of this week.

Way back when, there was a TV series called ‘Tales from the Riverbank‘. This was broadcast to thousands upon thousands of impressionable schoolchildren, who were entertained by the adventures of a rat, a watervole, a frog and assorted other riverside animals. Among whom was Hammy the Hamster (you’re a more incisive critic than I am if you feel the need to point out that a domestic hamster has no business hanging around near running water, but bear with me). Anyway, it transpires that in the early days of television broadcasting, Hammy’s adventures were, shall we say, fraught with danger of a studio-based variety.

In those days, dear reader, studio lighting was, rather cruder than that we might enjoy today. Rather stronger than we’d now use in order to light the adventures of several small, fluffy animals. Rather warmer.

To the extent that, er, several incarnations of Hammy died during the filming of each episode. The stand-ins were kept in an easy-to-reach container for easy replacement should Hammy expire. Which he did. With astounding regularity.

TV eh? Who’d work in it?

See if you can spot the hamster-switcheroo in this scene


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