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Monday. Working. Can’t stop. Assessments.

This is, I accept, rather lazy blogging, but as a change from writing about illustration and the potential of book cover art, I’ll quote from Charlie Brooker in this morning’s Guardian:

I don’t understand the stock market, because it’s so boring my brain refuses to get to grips with it. Say the word “economics” and I reach for my pillow. But even I know enough to realise it’s largely an imaginary construct: abstract numbers given shape by wishful thinking. If the traders suddenly stop believing it’s healthy, millions of people lose their jobs. Maybe one day they’ll stop believing in it altogether; they’ll collectively blink and rub their eyes, and the entire global economy will vanish, like a monster under the bed that turns out never to have existed in the first place

Amen to that. If we all hold hands and very quietly stop believing in the stock market, it’ll all go away and the world might make more sense.

And I kind-of knew this. Kind-of. Although I didn’t realise my readers were so big.


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