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Ahem (clears throat)…

Right. Enough is enough.

I’ve been labelled a ‘middle class wanker’ by virtue of my living in Southville and daring to have aspirations, a career, and want to go out in the evening and not be confronted by football-beshirted morons. I’ve read the diatribes about the City Council (most of which are undoubtedly true, but do collectively leave a lingering thought as to ‘if you’re that bothered about it, why not do something instead of whining behind an anonymous blog’ (see elsewhere in these pages for further examples of my tacit agreement with Andrew Keen on a number of other issues with Web 2.0)), but this is the last time I’m going to shrug it off.

Among the latest sermons from the ‘Bristol Blogger‘ is this gem:

So in the face of this maelstrom of disasters what’s Kelly’s big plan? A new website – Bristol Reads – gives us a clue:

Yes folks after all the high falutin’ talk, vacuous promises and cash expended, what we’re actually getting off Kelly and the council is a crappy fucking comic. Well done.

Right. If you’ve got a problem with Andrew Kelly (and you obviously have) then take it up with him. Write to the bloke. Confront him in public, or get your voice heard in any number of media outlets who’d be more than happy to provide a platform for your views. Until that day comes (and having read the BB for a year or so now, I’m largely convinced that it won’t), try to pick your fights a little more carefully. Whether Bristol’s Great Reading Adventure represents a valid confirmation of the ambition of the City of Culture 2008 bid is a legitimate point for discussion. Whether it’s the only example of a project that was inspired/funded by said bid and has managed to achieve its aims is a legitimate question for debate. Whether the projects that fell by the wayside represent a massive missed opportunity is a legitimate issue for investigation.

Whining about the cultural status of a 2008-related project that has managed to come in on time, and to budget, exposes you as an alarmist hiding behind an assumed identity and afraid of engaging in anything resembling debate or discussion.

(I’d have used milquetoast instead of alarmist, but I’m saving that for the James Meek piece.)


6 comments for “Ahem (clears throat)…”

  1. Lucky you edited out that bit about my argument being “irrational” isn’t it? ‘Cause that’d be like a really fucking stupid thing for a wannabe expert in narrative to say wouldn’t it?

    Posted by The Bristol Blogger | December 18, 2007, 8:42 pm
  2. It’s an interesting provocation, but to what extent would my suggesting that someone’s argument might be irrational be a comment on the veracity of the narrative?

    I edited it out as it seemed, on a moment’s reflection, to be impolite and ill-reasoned on my part. And somewhat took away from the point I was making, as it would likely lead to a slanging match that didn’t address the issue I raised. Which, I note, is exactly what’s lacking from your reply.

    I’d like to point out, though, in a handshaking moment, that I tend to agree with most of what you write, especially as regards the running of our elected bodies. The post that I took issue with was a step too far though, and exemplified a number of minor aspects of the blog that I think are a weakness. Not the least of which is that you have a tendency to flame rather than argue. Now and again…

    And wannabe?


    Not in the least. I’m about as far from wannabe as regards narrative as it’s possible to be.

    Posted by tom | December 18, 2007, 9:21 pm
  3. Fight fight fight!

    Posted by Andy | December 19, 2007, 2:47 pm
  4. Donkey bet fiver on Dr. Tom.

    Posted by The Dissertation Donkey | December 19, 2007, 6:39 pm
  5. I have to say this probably the most exciting thing I’ve read
    on this blog…ever.

    well done.

    keep up it up Dr tom Abba

    Trembling with girly excitement for round 2.

    Posted by Chris wreford | December 20, 2007, 2:26 pm
  6. [...] to be a short post today, as I’m heading off shortly to the launch of what was once described (elsewhere on the internet) as a ‘crappy f*cking comic‘ (I think it goes without saying [...]

    Posted by Sketchbooks ARE Arguments — other things Archive | January 24, 2008, 9:36 am

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