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What’s a Pouilly Fume anyway?

Further to yesterday’s post hinting that an install of Leopard was proving interesting. I have some advice for upgraders.

Do not think you’re being oh-so-cunning when, after the aging DVD drive on your G4 Powerbook has a flaky time with the install disc, you decide to run the installation from the shiny new iMac at work. You’ll get a lovely fast installation. But one that only works with an intel Mac.

Do take Hol’s remarks about the Dock with a pinch of salt. It ain’t that bad, honest.

Install on a non-intel Mac. Then the semi-transparent menu bar is nice and opaque. Just the way it’s supposed to be.

Do make sure you can run a presentation on it within a few days. That way you’ll look cool. At least you can hope you will. Today’s top tip for presenters: Run the presentation slightly hungover.

Go and play with the Coverflow view in the Finder. You’ll get sick of it in half an hour, but it sure is purty.

Marvel at the Show Icon Preview option. It is just me, or is this something that Tiger didn’t have? Wiser heads than mine will no doubt advise me.

If you are installing on a 4 year old laptop, accept that this is going to be the last new OS you’ll see on that machine.

That’s all for now. I’ll let the debate start in the comments box.

Oh, and based on last night’s findings, I know nothing about wine. Which was surprising. Couldn’t tell a Rioja from a Cabernet Sauvignon. But I am rather good at telling what vintage it is.


Further proof that statistics are made up by hucksters and fraudsters. I have a copy of the pay scales for Lecturing staff in front of me, and unless a great many Universities up and down the country are employing staff at only Principal Lecturer grade and above, then this is utter bollocks. Unless, as they usually do, they’re including the salaries of Vice Chancellors in the calculations. Which do tend the skew things a little, as they’re ten times those of the rest of us.


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  1. Yeah but don’t forget Vice Chancellors have the arduous task of turning up when something they’ve had zero involvement with is finished and taking all the credit. That requires a special kind of sleazy, bare faced arrogance. And remember all the other vital work they do like…er… nope, I had it but it’s gone again.

    It’s like these surveys (conducted presumably by rather slow-witted chimps) that come up with things like the average earnings of a British citizen are something like £40k, which is so woefully, obviously not the case that you wonder if life is really worth bothering with.

    The only explanation is that the unbearable city types who earn ten squillion quid a year for blabbering on endlessly about “hedge funds” are tilting the scales, managing to balance out and even overcompensate for the countless hundreds of thousands of barely literate greasemonkeys working for two thirds of sod all in Burger King / Dixons / cleaning jobs / petrol stations / insert own choice of desperately demeaning occupation here.

    I am getting used to Leopard but I maintain that it’s way uglier than Tiger. The new “space” theme at login is like vomit on the screen. As Steve gets older he’s suffering from that parent thing where they start to think that tacky things look good and redecorate the lounge in the style of an indian takeaway. Given his omnipotence at Apple, nobody dares to tell him that it looks cheap. Ah well, there are already a few ways emerging to de-vomit the OS, so perhaps all is not lost. Perhaps the Vice Chancellor would like to step up and take credit for Leopard as well. He had absolutely nothing to do with it and probably doesn’t even know what it is, so it ticks all the right boxes.

    Posted by mongo | November 24, 2007, 3:08 pm

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