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In praise of our times

In advance of Andrew Keen’s talk/rant at the Watershed tonight, here’s something from Chuck Palahniuk. He makes a convincing case for changing the world through story, for relating experiences and seizing the opportunity to disseminate those through new media, but he misses out language, which I think might be the most important aspect. Chuck’s point about doing better than the morass of mediocrity is right – we’ve all seen the same movies, the same variations on plot, countless times already, but appreciating the tools required to make that work is the reserve of those writers who will make use of the opportunity.

Which might be the hidden agenda there. Palahniuk’s career has been about challenging the status quo, and while he advocates plenty, he leaves out the missing ingredient. Originality of expression..?

Anyway, over to Chuck:
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Chuck Palahniuk Lecture extract


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