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all over, bar the shouting

Right. I’m quoting from the email I got earlier today:

Dear Tom,
I have returned the form confirming that the requested amendments have been made. There are a couple of ‘typos’ in these amendments that you may wish to correct Tom. As follows:

P.119. You write ‘Where . . . ‘, when I think you mean , ‘Were . . .’ ?
P.7. ‘offered by Modernist . . .’. Do you mean offered by ‘Modernism’ or ‘the Modernist’ ?

I have not let these tiny matters hold things up but you might want to correct before you commit your thesis to the library!

Many congratulations.

So, it’s all done. Finished, completed, dusted and out of the way. All I have to do now is get a bound copy into the library and wear a silly gown and hat in November.

Little else to report this week, except that I moved house and unpacked everything. I put a portfolio into storage that I shouldn’t have, but it’s not a disaster, and I’ve decided I’m going to miss Iranian haircuts in Horfield. Bush can say what he likes about the country, but if he has a go at their barbers, then I’m going to put him right.

And yes, I should have sent my amendments to the Dissertation Donkey. I’ll know better in future…

//edit// no good reason – I’ll explain next time..


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  1. I read this as “All over the bar, shouting” and thought of Andy.

    Posted by mongo | September 1, 2007, 12:09 am

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