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it’s been a week for apologies…

First I had to apologise to Vibeke for not noticing her haircut (although I maintain that having your fringe cut and your hair layered isn’t really, strictly, a haircut), and now this.

Ministers have bowed to pressure to allow the creation of human animal hybrid embryos for research

A fair while ago, I suggested that the present President of the United States was reading Amazing Stories while assembling the text for the State of the Union address. Now, it seems, I acted too soon. Bush was right, and there apparently are scientists working on the “creation of human embryos that have been physically mixed with one or more animal cells“, thankfully, “true animal-animal hybrids, made by the fusion of sperm and eggs, remain outlawed“. So that’s alright then. The Rhino-men remain a few years off for now.

Of course, he’s still an idiot.

Elsewhere on the BBC, a discussion of typefaces. Sadly, they’re still listed as fonts, but at least there’s some debate. The original item is here, announcing the 50th birthday of Helvetica, and the comments are a delightful mix of wisdom and idiocy. Particularly amusing; “I use Comic Sans on my CV specifically to avoid working for people like you to whom presentation means more than content.”

Yes. Comic Sans. How many little gold stars have got on your McUniform?


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