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No, I really must find something to do…

Or you’re going to be reading much more of this.

I tuned in to the latest installment of Points West’s public address on our readiness for the inevitable Flu Pandemic this evening, and whilst finding out that our local schools are also woefully unprepared for the arrival on these fair shores of a killer virus of biblical proportions (albeit with no coherent comment from any school official to accede to this interpretation. At least our educators have the good sense to refuse to answer the question), I was directed by the good folk at BBC Bristol to check out their website for the very (the inclusion of the intensifier was deliberate on their part, and delivered with some intensity) latest on what we could do to be prepared.

So, good citizen that I am, I had a look.

And I found this.

We’re all going to die. They’re telling us nothing, just sending us all to hell in a handbasket by way of the NHS Pandemic Helpline and a couple of other websites. As the Dissertation Donkey might say; ‘No help here. Donkey going to the beach’ (although I did find that while the world is at an alert status of 3 in 6, which was the figure given by yesterday’s breathless report, the UK is at status 1, which, given that we’re not allowed to be at a status of 0, which would be akin to atheism regarding flu, is less of a worry than Points West imply).

Or, what’s just as likely, we’re being prepared by the good folk at Points West for the arrival of his Holiness the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Information for the unprepared here and here.

Watch the skies, people!

(I’m going to try to get out more really soon. Honest. And I’ll have finished The God Delusion, so no more talk of his noodleness.)


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  1. I think “noodly” is perhaps the best word I have ever, ever heard.

    Posted by mongo | April 21, 2007, 10:16 pm

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