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“God have mercy”. part 12 of 21.

I think it was Caitlin Kiernan who pointed out that Johnny Cash’s ‘When The Man Comes Around‘ provided the perfect introduction to Zak Snyder’s remake of ‘Dawn of the Dead’, and quite rightly so. I still use that intro as an example of how to set up a film narrative.

However, just as appropriate was Shawn Ryan’s choice of ‘I Hung My Head‘ to play over the opening minutes of The Shield’s sixth, and apparently penultimate season. Vic Mackey, driving to Lem’s graveside, overcome with rage, grief and guilt, and playing in the background we get..

I felt the power, Of death over life
I orphaned his children, I widowed his wife
I begged their forgiveness, I wish I was dead

That made my day. Oh, and just for Hol – Lem’s funeral was shot as a 15 minute between seasons piece. It’s here.

And Chapter 10 is done. Just shy of 3000 words today. I’m going to lie down. 9 days left as of tomorrow morning, and only half a chapter to go.


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  1. I have “acquired” the special short episode and episode 1 of the new season already, and am going to settle down to watch them in about 20 minutes. The Shield RULES.

    Posted by mongo | April 6, 2007, 9:10 pm

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