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New Knowledge

What I have learned this week…

Drivers in France don’t like stopping at the French equivalent of Zebra Crossings. We got across the road just fine, but the driver two cars back has an insurance claim form to fill out.

If you’re a dodgy, well-connected relative of Jack Bauer, then for goodness sake don’t keep plastic bags in your office. He’s not in the mood for a chat and a cappuccino.

Tesco have no shame. And a large number of English tourists apparently have no desire to experience even the slightest aspect of foreign culture.

I am simply no good at darts.

Delivery drivers for Amazon are the most trusting people in the entire country. Either that, or leaving a brand new laser printer on the doorstep of a house facing a busy road is a new policy that the Home Delivery Network hasn’t told us about.

I’m sure I’ve learned other things, but I’ll post them as they occur to me, and if they’re printable.


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