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Auld Lang Syne

Posted By tom On December 30, 2006 @ 3:56 pm In 52 weeks, 52 books | No Comments

Okay. So I got completely turned around, pushed into a variety of corners, deadlines, writing and marking and PhDing (which is now a verb, so there), and the whole 52 weeks project got put to one side toward the end of the year. I did carry on reading, I just didn’t get around to writing about the books I was, well, reading.

So. Here are the final few, just in list form.

Paul Auster; “Travels in the Scriptorium” (lovely, and circular).
Ray Bradbury; “The Homecoming” (a classic, and now with added McKeany goodness).
Nicholas Royle; “The Uncanny” (interesting, and gets quoted a lot in essays and articles, so it must be doing something right).
Iain Sinclair; “London – City of Disappearances” (too long, but the Alan Moore story is marvelous).
Neil Gaiman; “Fragile Things” (nice, complete, read some of them before, but still good).
Robert Bond; “Iain Sinclair” (scholarly. Which isn’t to say difficult, just, well, scholarly).
Jennifer New; “Dan Eldon – The Art of Life” (really, really enjoyed it).
Mark Danielewski; “Only Revolutions” (more in 2007).
Nigel Coates; “Ecstacity” (fun).
John Ellis; “Visible Fictions” (read for PhD. enough said).
Jorge Luis Borges; “The Book of Sand” (palette cleansing after Ellis).
Rachel Lichetenstein & Iain Sinclair; “Rodinsky’s Room” (meant to read it years ago, never did – wish I had now).
Martin Walsh; “The Brechtian Analysis of Radical Cinema” (I can’t believe I read this in the canteen at UWE. I am now an academic).
and I might just get away with Nigel Slater; “The Kitchen Diaries”. As I was dipping into it from time to time and I adapted a turkey stew last night from his recipe for January.

Which makes 14 more to add to the 28 I did review, so that’s 42. Not 52. Ah well.

On that note, I’m thinking of changing the format a little in 2007. If I struggled to post 28 reviews in 2006, then next year is going to be even more of a disaster, even in light of my having more time to write, and handing in the thesis a bit after the first third of the year is through. As such, ‘52 weeks, 52 things‘ might be a better bet. I still have to get to see “Pan’s Labyrinth”, and there’s the Brothers Quay DVD collection on the shelf next to me, both of which are far more likely to elicit a written response than the new Pynchon, Marina Warner or Richard Dawkins. Fine as they might be. I’ll add the category in time for the first post, which might well cover the 3rd disc in the “King Kong” DVD set…

And that’s it for 2006. We’re off to a party tomorrow, where I will be wearing a dinner suit and bow tie (photos may follow) to see in the new year.

Finally then; if you’re reading this in Mumbai, and you happen to have a cloned copy of my debit card; you owe me £175, you thieving bastard.

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